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"From a Private Collection"

1.7.05 Jam CruiseShow 1 Listen
I: Just Thanx, H20, Peoples, Dance, Native End, Be Pulse, Evasive > Kamuy
II: Somesing, Ramone & Emiglio, Once Told, ...And Some Are Angels, Music Us, GLOgli
E: Moonsocket

1.9.05 Jam CruiseShow 2 Listen
I: Tokyo, Grow, Better Day, Somesing, Tap In, F-Word, Breathe In, Circus, Peoples > From Now On, Nautilus

1.21.05 Ventura Theatre - Ventura, CA Listen
1 Set: Ramone & Emiglio, Twilight, What is Love?, Somesing, Life's Sweet Breath, Glogli, Kamuy
E: Really Wut?

1.28.05 Catalyst - Santa Cruz, CA Buy
I: Jebez, Arigato, Kamuy, ReEmergence, Equinox, Blu Mood
II: Somesing, F. Word, Today, Roy G Biv*, ?And Some Are Angels, Native End, Mischief Of A Sleepwalker
E: Moonsockets
* ='s First time played

1.29.05 Catalyst - Santa Cruz, CA
I: Music, Us, Crystal Instrument, Ramone & Emiglio, Once Told, Possibilities, Things in my?*, Peoples
II: Open E, By the Morning Sun, Tokyo, Squares & Cubes, Nautilus, Really Wut?
E: GLOgli
* ='s w/ Collective Efforts

2.1.2005 suede - Park City, UT w/collective efforts
Coming Soon

2.3.05 Snowmass - Aspen, CO
I: Reemergence, Evasive > Kamuy, Today, Baraka, Water Song, Native End, What is Love?
II. Really Wut?, STS9, Jebez, Open E, ? And Some Are Angels, Nautilus, Somesing
E: Surreality>Eb

2.4.05 Fox Theatre - Boulder, CO Listen
I: Four Year Puma, Ramone & Emiglio, Be Pulse, Better Day, Move My Peeps, Equinox
II: Twilight, Crystal Instrument, Squares and Cubes>Monkey Music, From Now On..., Jebez >Breathe In
E: Twilight

2.5.05 The Fillmore - Denver, CO Listen
I: Musical Story, Roy G Biv, F-Word, Blu Mood, Luma Daylight, Tokyo, Arigato, Grow
II: Once Told, Mischief of a Sleepwalker, Possibilities*, GLOgli Things in My ...*, Peoples, Kamuy, Somesing, Tap In
E: Really Wut?
* ='s w/ Collective Efforts

2.07.05 - Granada Theatre - Lawrence, KS Listen
I: ReEmergence, T.W.E.L.V.E., From Now On, Today, Moon Socket, Native End > Dance
II: ISP p2, Surreality > Eb > Crystal Instrument, Music, Us, ...ASAA, Gobnugget
E: Peoples

2.08.05 - Mississippi Nights - Saint Louis, MO
Coming Soon

2.9.05 The Rave - Milwaukee, WI
I: F-WORD, Trinoc, Vibyl, Open E, ReEmergence, Blu Mood Breathe In, Music, Us
II: STS9, Orbital, Native End, Tap In, GlOgli, Water Song, Once Told
E: Twilight

2.10.05 Barrymore Theatre - Madison, WI Listen
I: Arigato, Gobnugget, SomeSing, Crystal Instrument, Luma Day, From Now On, What is Love?, Just Thanks
II: Be Pulse, Monkey Music, Jebez, Nautilus, Moonsockets, Really Wut?
E: Inspire

2.11.05 - House of Blues - Chicago, IL Buy Listen
I: By the Morning Sun, Mischief of a Sleepwalker, Peoples, Roy G Biv, Kaya > Open E, Today, GLOgli
II: Tap In, F Word, Music,US, Ramone & Emiglio, Twilight, 4 Year Puma, Grow
E: ... And Some Are Angels

2.12.05 - House of Blues - Chicago, IL Buy Listen
I: STS9, Once Told, Blu Mood, Native End> ReEmergence, Move My Peeps, Evasive Maneuvers> Kamuy
II: What is Love?, Crystal Instrument >Really Wut?, Equinox > improv, Surreality >EB, Be Pulse, Somesing, Tokyo
E: Gobnugget, Breathe In

2.14.05 - Bogart's - Cinncinnati, OH
I: Frequencies 2>3, Luma Daylight, F Word, Trinoc, Vibyl, Peoples, Circus, Orbital
II: Today, By the Morning Sun, Grow, Music, US, From Now On, Baraka
E: Dance

2.15.05 - Vogue Theatre - Indianapolis, IN Listen
I: Somesing, Water Song, Blu Mood, Native End, Open E, We'll Meet in Our Dreams, Hubble
II: Ramone & Emiglio, ReEmergence, Kamuy, GLOgli, Twilight
E: Inspire Strikes Back

2.16.2005 - Mr. Small's Theatre - Pittsburg, PA Listen
w/ Mr. Lif (perceptionists)
I: Intro > Equinox, By the Morning Sun, Tokyo, T.W.E.L.V.E., Possibilities, Mischief of a Sleepwalker, Crystal Instrument
II: Once Told, Gobnugget, Peoples, Nautulis, Move My Peeps, Be Pulse
E: King Pharoah's Tomb

2.17.05 - Theater of the Living Arts - Philadelphia, PA Buy
I: 4 Year Puma, Really Wut?, Squares and Cubes, Today, Somesing, Nautilus# , F Word
II: Trinoc, Vibyl, Grow, STS9, Arigato, Tap In, GLOgli
E: Moonsockets
# ='s w/Mr. Lif

2.18.05 - Irving plaza - NYC, NY Listen
I: Open E, Crystal Instrument, Ramone & Emiglio, ReEmergence, Surreality > Eb*, Twilight
II: Luma Daylight, Tokyo, What Is Love?, Blu Mood, Peoples, Kamuy
E: Once Told
* ='s w/ Mobsters tease

2.19.05 - Irving plaza - NYC, NY Listen
I: Grow, Arigato, Mischief Of A Sleepwalker, Somesing, Equinox, Roy G Biv, GLOgli
II: Move My Peeps, F Word, Music, Us, Breathe In, Be Pulse, Rilly Wut?
E: Tap In

2.21.05 - Higher Ground - So. Burlington, VT Buy Listen
I: Tokyo, Gobnugget, Blu Mood, Better Day, By The Morning Sun, Evasive > Kamuy, Peoples
II: Ramone & Emiglio, Somesing, STS9, Orbital, ReEmergence, Squares & Cubes, Inspire Strikes Back
E: Circus

2.22.05 - Toads Place - New Haven, CT
Coming Soon

2.23.05 - The Roxy-Boston - Boston, MA Buy Listen
I: SomeSing, Tap In, Reemergence, 4 Year Puma, Rilly Wut, Mischief of A Sleepwalker
II: Tokyo, Ramone & Emiglio, Move My Peeps, Arigato, Kamuy*, Crystal Instrument
E: Nautilus
* ='s w/Andrew from The Slip on percussion

2.24.05 - Calvin Theatre - Northampton, MA Listen
I: Once Told, F-WORD, ... And Some Are Anges, Native End, Dance, Luma (daylight?)
II: Jebez, From Now On, Be Pulse, Breathe In, Peoples, Moonsocket
E: Baraka

2.25.05 - 9:30 Club - Washington, DC Buy Listen
I: Peoples, Ramone & Emiglio, Arigato, Tokyo, Roy G Biv, Music Us, GloGLI
II: Really Wut, Grow, Move My Peeps, Open E, Equinox, SomeSing
E: Orbital

2.26.05 - The Norva Theater - Norfolk, VA Buy Listen
I: Twilight, STS9, Kamuy, Native End, ReEmergence, Somesing, Tap In
II: F. Word, Tokyo, By the Morning Sun, Mischief of a Sleepwalker, Crystal Instrument, Surreality > EB, What is Love?
E: Blu Mood, Arigato

3.23.05(Day Show) - Shelborne Beach Resort - Miami Beach, FL
Coming Soon

3.23.05(Night Show) - Miami Beach, FL - The Pawn Shop Lounge - Miami Beach, FL
Coming Soon

3.25.05 - Eden Roc Resort - Miami Beach, FL
Coming Soon

3.26.05 - Freebird Cafe - Jacksonville Beach, FL Listen
I:Frequencies p.2 > Frequencies p.3, Crystal Instrument, STS9, Native End > ReEmergence, Since 7th, 102.4*, Surreality > EB
II: Ramone & Emiglio, Today, ??*, 4 Year Puma, Jebez, Grow, Mischief of a Sleepwalker
E: Open E
* ='s w/Collective Efforts

3.27.05 - The Masquerade - Tampa, FL Buy
I: Peoples, F. Word, Squares and Cubes, Tokyo, Trinocular > Vibyl, Twilight, Orbital
II: Really Wut?, Equinox, Somesing, Tap-In
E: What Is Love?

3.29.05 - Orange Peel - Asheville, NC Buy Listen
(Kris D. will be painting @ this show)
I: Musical Story, Nautilus, Blu Mood, Somesing, Midwestern Sky>Sweatin' Concrete, From Now On, F-Word>Monkey Music
II: Evasive Maneuvers>Kamuy, Native End>Forest Hu>Tokyo, By The Morning Sun, Move My Peeps, Be Pulse, New For You>Once Told
E: Inspire Strikes Back

3.30.05 - Orange Peel - Asheville, NC Buy
(Kris D. will be painting @ this show)
Set 1 1- Murph 2- Music, Us 3- Crystal Instrument 4- Ramone & Emiglio 5- Today 6- Gobnugget 7- Really Wut? 8- Open E 9- Murph Set 2 1- Sischief of a Sleepwalker 2- Peoples 3- Grow 4- Orbital 5- Arigato > 6- Hubble 7- Murph 8- E: GLOgli

3.31.05 - Georgia Theatre - Athens, Georgia Buy Listen
(Kris D. will be painting @ this show)
I: Trinoc, Vibyl, STS9, Twilight, Better Day, Water Song, What Is Love?
II: 4 Year Puma, Jebez, Equinox, From Now On, SURreality > Eb, Arigato > Tap In
E: Circus

4.1.05 - Georgia Theatre - Athens, Georgia Buy Listen
(Kris D. will be painting @ this show)
I: Once Told, Ramone & Emiglio, Somesing, Roy G Biv,Squares & Cubes, Native End > ReEmergence, Blue Mood
II: Tokyo, Be Pulse, Movements > 4 My Peeps, Crystal Instrument, Breathe In, Glogli, Grow
E: Luma Daylight

4.2.05 - Georgia Theatre - Athens, Georgia Buy Listen
(Kris D. will be painting @ this show)
I: Arigato, Nautilus, Rilly Wut, TWELVE, Possibilities*, Medicine*, Open E, Kamuy
II: F Word, Music Us, Mischief of a Sleepwalker, Sweat & Concrete*,Things in My Life*, Inspire Strikes Back, Peoples, Moonsockets
E: Life's Sweet Breath, Hubble

* ='s With Collective Efforts

4.4.05 - The Cannery - Nashville, TN Buy Listen
I: GLOgli, Once Told, By The Morning Sun, Sweat & Concrete*, Things in My*, Grow, SomeSing
II: Today, Tokyo, Possibilities*, Frequencies pt.2 > pt.3, Be Pulse, Blu Mood, Dance
E: Peoples

* ='s With Collective Efforts

4.6.05 - Cain's Ballroom - Tulsa, OK
Coming Soon

4.7.05 - Gypsy Tea Room Ballroom - Dallas, TX Buy Listen
I: Crystal Instrument, ReEmergence, Tap-In, Twilight, Circus, Luma Daylight, Tokyo
II: STS9, Somesing, Trinocular > Vibyl, Grow, Gobnugget, Jebez, Open E
E: Inspire Strikes Back

4.8.05 - La Zona Rosa - Austin, TX Listen
I: F word, Evasive Maneuvers > Kamuy, Today, Ramone & Emiglio, Native End, Equinox, Once Told
II: By the Morning Sun, What is Love*, Peoples, Blu Mood >Music,Us, Be Pulse, GLOgli
E: 4 Year Puma

* ='s With Peoples tease during intro

4.9.05 - La Zona Rosa - Austin, TX Buy Listen
I: Sweat n' Concrete > Nautilus, Move My Peeps > Tokyo, Surreality, Somesing, Mischief of a Sleepwalker
II: Moonsocket, Grow, Arigato > Crystal Instrument, Really Wut?, Breathe In E: Roygbiv, Tap In

4.12.05 - Marquee Theatre - Tempe, AZ
Coming Soon

4.13.05 - 4th and B - San Diego, CA Buy Listen
I: Ramone & Emiglio, Trinoc > Vibyl, squares & Cubes, Arigato > Orbital, 4 Year Puma
II: Natilus, Once Told, Mischief of a Sleepwalker, Crystal Instrument, Luma Daylight, Dance, Rilly Wut?
E: What is love?

4.14.05 - House of Blues (Hollywood) - Los Angeles, CA Buy
I: By The Morning Sun, Tokyo, Grow, Glogli, Gobnugget, BePulse, Somesing
II: Arigato > Monkey Music, Muisic, Us, ???, Breathe In, Peoples
E: blu mood

4.15.05 - The Warfield - San Francisco, CA Buy
I: Once Told, F Word, Equinox, Rilly Wut?, Trinocular > Vibyl, Today, Tap In
II: Evasive > Kamuy, ReEmergence, Moon Sockets, Jebez, Crystal Instrument, Glogli
E: What Is Love?

4.16.05 - The Warfield - San Francisco, CA Buy
I: Tribal Jam*(The 9 came out to join RD for his last song/STS9's first song), Arigato > Tokyo, Better Day** > Jam** > By The Morning**, Ramone & Emiglio, From Now On, Music, Us
II: Open E, SomeSing, Improv*, Move My Peeps, Peoples@, Grow, Blu Mood
E: Alien Funk Jam*, Michief of a Sleepwalker
* ='s w/Richard Devine on live-pa
** ='s w/Audio Angel on vox & Rena Jones on cello
@ ='s w/Audio Angel on vox

4.19.05 - Arcata Community Center - Arcata, CA Buy Listen
I: Tokyo, STS9, Once Told > Blu Mood, New Try, 4 Year Puma
II: Sweat & Concrete > Improv, F.Word, Rilly Wut?, Crystal Instrument, Hubble > Twilight
E: Gobnugget

4.20.05 - Ashland Armory - Ashland, OR Buy
I: Artifact, ReEmergence, Arigato, Grow, Mischief of a Sleepwalker, Somesing, T.W.E.L.V.E., Peoples
II: GLOgi, We?ll Meet In Our Dreams > Tapin, Be Pulse, Baraka > Luma Daylight, Breath In

4.21.05 - Showbox - Seattle, WA Listen
I: Nautilus, Once Told, F.Word, Equinox, Trinoc > Vibyl(w/R&E-esque jam), ?And Some Are Angels > Tokyo
II: Somesing, Ramone & Emiglio, Music, Us, Blu Mood, Crystal Instrument, Inspire Strikes Back, Evasive Maneuvers > Kamuy
E: Rilly Wut?

4.22.05 - Roseland Theatre - Portland, OR Buy Listen
I: Today, Open E, New Try, GLOgi, By The Morning Sun, Improv*, Dance*
II: Peoples, Moonsockets*, Twilight*, Grow, Arigato, Mobsters > Surreality > EB
E: What Is Love?

4.23.05 - McDonald Theatre - Eugene, OR Buy Listen
I: Tokyo, Jabez, Ramone & Emiglio, Somesing, Be Pulse, Squares & Cubes, Once Told
II: F.Word, Kamuy, Music, Us, Move My Peeps, Blu Mood, Rilly Wut
E: Freq. p2 > Freq. p3

4.24.05 - Richards on Richards - Vancouver, BC
I: Native End, ReEmergence, Grow, Breathe In, ? > Nautilus, Peoples, Four Year Puma
II: By The Morning Sun, Luma Daylight, Tokyo, Circus, From Now On, Somesing, Tap In
E: GLOgli

4.30.05(LIVE PA SET) - Sonotheque - Chicago, IL
Coming Soon

5.11.05(LIVE PA SET) - DNA Lounge - San Francisco, CA
I: Intro, ARTiFACT > This Us > Rilly Wut?*^, Sift 5 > Somesing*^ > Big Little > 9th Wonder [Digable Planets], Anon Tele*^ > El Juarez, Once Told*^ > Tokyo remix (Ming & FS)* > Twilight^ > Slicker% > Sweat and Concrete > Peoples@, Swept and Burst, F WORD*^ > Workout Plan [Kanye West]
* ='s w/Hunter on guitar
^ ='s w/Murphy on bass guitar
% ='s w/no drum kits
@ ='s w/Audio Angel on vocals

All show, except where noted:
Lerner had a scaled down percussion pit, Velmer played a drum kit, Phipps played all his toys

5.13.05(LIVE PA SET) - Cervantes' Ballroom - Denver, CO
Coming Soon

5.14.05(LIVE PA SET) - Fox Theatre - Boulder, CO
Coming Soon

6.3.05 - Masquerade Music Park - Atlanta, GA Listen
I:Intro, This us, Moonsockets, Equinox, New Song, Evasive > Kamuy, Tap In, Somesing, Mischeif of a Sleepwalker, Arigato, STS9, Native End > Re-emergence, Big Little, Move My Peeps, Rilly Wut, Breathe In

6.4.05 - Masquerade Music Park - Atlanta, GA Buy Listen
I: Ramone & Emiglio, F. Word, Music, Us, Today, No Worries (w/ CE), Things in My Life (w/ CE), Once Told
II: Peoples, Crystal Instrument, Luma Daylight, Tokyo, Grow, Blu Mood
E: Nautilus (w/ Wyz & CE) GLOgli

CE=Collective Efforts
Wyz=Wyz of Psyche Origame

6.10.05 - Bonnaroo Music Park - Manchester, TN Buy Listen
I: Open E, Grow, GLOgli, Move My Peeps, Once Told, Nautilus > (w/ PRCPT) Improv (w/ PRCPT), Ramone & Emiglio, Kamuy, No Worries (w/ CE), Things in My Life
II: Improv (Tribal Jam w/ RD), Improv (303 Jam w/ RD), (not titled yet), Since 7th, Really Wut?, Big Little Scenario, Arigato > Tokyo, Somesing, Blu Mood,
E: Peoples

CE=Collective Efforts
RD=Richard Devine
PRCPT=Mr. Lif, Akrobatic, Therapy of the Perceptionists

7.2.05 - Nelson Ledges Park - Garrettsville, OH Listen
I: Rilly Wut, Nautulis, Evasive Maneuvers > Kamuy, GLOgli, F Word Tap In, Arrigato > Tokyo, Four Year Puma, Fireworks Solo, Peoples, Be Pulse, Somesing, Ramone & Emilio, Open E

7.22.05 - 10,000 Lakes Festival - Detroit Lakes, MN Buy Listen
I: Kamuy, Blu Mood, Peoples, Moon Socket, Once Told, GLOgli, Grow, Move My Peeps, From Now On, Luma Daylight > Tokyo, Breathe In

7.23.05 - Chicago, IL Buy Listen
I: Tap-In, Peoples, Big Little Scenario > Arigato > Improv, Be Pulse, GLOgli
II: Ramone & Emiglio, Really Wut?, Somesing > Open E, Tokyo, F. Word, Mischief of a Sleepwalker > Kamuy,
E: Once Told, Inspire Strikes Back

7.24.05(Lollapalooza Festival) - Grant Park, Chicago, IL Buy
I: Open E, Grow, Tokyo, GLOgli, Somesing, Once Told, Nautilus, Peoples

07.28.2005 - Dancin' in the District, Riverfront Park, Nashville, TN

8.12.2005 - 8150 - Vail, CO Buy Listen
I: Music, Us > Move My Peeps > What Is Love? Luma Daylight F. Word Be Pulse Moon Socket
II: Dance Arigato > Four Year Puma Ramone & Emiglio Grow By the Morning Sun
E: King Pharoah's Tomb

8.13.2005 - Red Rocks Amphitheatre - Morrison, CO Buy
I: Really Wut? Open E Kamuy > GLOgli > Tokyo Somesing Peoples Tap-In

08.16.2005 - Legion Field (OUTDOORS @ Univ. of Georgia), Athens, GA
Coming Soon

9.7.2005 - Ventura Theater - Ventura, CA Buy
I: Arigato > Nautilus > Blu Mood, By the Morning Sun, GLOgli, Be Pulse
II: Native End > ReEmergence > Kamuy, Jebez, Mischief of a Sleepwalker, Once Told
E: Peoples

9.8.2005 - The Belly Up, Solano Beach, CA Buy Listen
I: Just Thanks, Ramone & Emiglio, Music, Us, Crystal Instrument, Move My Peeps, Really Wut?, Moon Socket
II: Grow, Somesing, Monkey Music, Open E > Tokyo, From Now On
E: What Is Love?

9.9.2005 - House Of Blues - Anahiem, CA Buy Listen
I: Trinocular > Vibyl, Frequencies Peace 2 > Frequencies Peace 3 Peoples, By the Morning Sun, Luma Daylight > Inspire Strikes Back
II: Untitlied > Four Year Puma, Twilight, Mobsters > Surreality > Eb, Today, Tap-In
E: Baraka

9.10.2005 - The Roxy - Hollywood, CA Buy Listen
I: Evasive/Kamuy > untitled (instantly) > Gobnugget, From Now On, ReEmergence, Roygbiv, Breathe In
II: Arigato > Tokyo, Blu Mood, Somesing, Orbital, Open E, GLOgli
E: Grow

09.18.2005 - Earthdance Festival 2005Black Oak Ranch, Laytonville, CA Buy Listen
I: Music, Us > GLOgli, Grow, Peoples, Arigato > Tokyo > Blu Mood, untitled (instantly) > Kamuy
E: Really Wut?, Open E

09.20.2005 - The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA Buy
A benefit for victims of hurricane Katrina via Conscious Alliance's Hurricane Relief Fund.
I: Somesing, Ramone & Emiglio, untitled (instantly), Be Pulse, By the Morning Sun, Hubble, Grow
II: Once Told, Mischief of a Sleepwalker, Move My Peeps*, Peoples*, Tap-In, Arigato > Tokyo
E: Baraka

* with Audio Angel on vox

10.1.05 - Asagiri Jam, Mt. Fuji, Japan
(one set) Really Wut?, Kamuy Arigato, Tokyo (short version), Somesing, GloGLI, Blumood > Tap-In outro

10.03.05 - Tokyo Club Quattro, Tokyo, JPN Buy Listen
I: Ramone & Emiglio, Untitled (Instantly), Move My Peeps, Nautilus, GloGLI, Grow
II: Once Told, Open E, What is Luv?, Tokyo (long version), Somesing, Baraka
E: Moonsocket

10.06.2005 - Casanova, Makawao HI (LIVE PA)
Coming Soon

10.07.2005 - Hapas Night Club, Kihei (Maui), HI (LIVE PA)
Coming Soon

10.08.2005 - Hard Rock Cafe, Honolulu (Oahu), HI (LIVE PA)
Coming Soon

10.12.2005 - The Norva Theater, Norfolk, VA
I: Music,Us, Move My Peeps, Twilight, ISB, Grow, Circus
II: Arigato > From Now On, Trinocular > Vibyl(funked out), Breathe In, Blue Mood
E: Open E
E2: Tokyo

10.13.2005 - 9:30 Club, Washington, DC Buy Listen
I: Luma Daylight > Tokyo, By the Morning Sun, Hubble, Somesing, Nautilus, Once Told
II: Untitled (instantly) > Evasive/Kamuy, Mischief of a Sleepwalker, Really Wut?, Tap-In
E: Surreality > EB

10.14.2005 - Electric Factory Ballroom, Philadelphia, PA Buy Listen
I: Open E, Arigato, Native End, ReEmergence, From Now On > Move My Peeps, Ramone & Emiglio
II: Music, Us, Moon Socket, Peoples, Blu Mood, Jebez, Grow
E: GLOgli

10.15.2005 - Nokia Theatre (Times Square), New York, NY
(setlist Incomplete. I May have 1 or 2 songs missing)
I: Once Told, Blu mood, Glogli, Crystal Instrument, -?-, This Us, Kamuy, Somesing
II: Breathe In, Arigato (New Ending --Sick), Nautilus, Tokyo (w/sick outro), What is Love, Untitled (Instantly), Tap In
E: Rilly Wut?

10.19.05 - Higher Ground,So. Burlington, VT
Coming Soon

10.20.2005 - Higher Ground, So. Burlington, VT Buy
I: Arigato > STS9, From Now On, untitled (instantly), ReEmergence, Moon Socket > Ramone & Emiglio
II: GLOgli, Evasive/Kamuy, By the Morning Sun, Open E > Four Year Puma, Really Wut?
E: Roygbiv, Once Told

10.21.2005 - Calvin Theatre, Northampton, MA Buy
I: Grow, Trinocular > Vibyl, Today, Breathe In, Somesing, Equinox
II: What Is Love?, Peoples, Tokyo, Be Pulse, Dance, Possibilities, Hubble
E: Arigato

10.22.2005 - Palladium, Worcester, MA Buy Listen
I: Untitled (instantly), Crystal Instrument, Tap-In, Once Told, Nautilus, This,Us, Really Wut?
II: Native End, ReEmergence, GLOgli, Music, Us, Ramone & Emiglio, From Now On
E: Baraka

10.29.2005 - House of Blues @ Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV Buy Listen
I: Big Ego's, Murph > GLOgli, Ramone & Emiglio, Peoples, Grow, untitled (instantly), This,Us, Open E
II: Orbital, What Is Love?, Evasive/Kamuy, Move My Peeps, Arigato > Tokyo, Tap-In
E: Roygbiv, Monkey Music > Moon Socket

10.31.2005 - The Independent - San Francisco, CA Buy
I: Intro, Murph, Da Art of Storytellin' Pt.1(OutKast *+) > Bag Lady(Erykah Badu *) > Big Ego's(Dr. Dre) > I Can(Nas *+) > Outta Control(50 Cent *) > Dirt Off Your Shoulder(Jay-Z *+) > Open E, Once Told, Dance, Mischief of a Sleepwalker, Surreality > EB
II: Arigato > Blu Mood > GLOgli, Inspire Strikes Back, Somesing, Really Wut?, Murph
E: Hubble > Four Year Puma
* with Audio Angel on vox
+ with David Murphy on vox

12.29.2005 - Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA Buy
I: Satori, Instantly, Tap-In, F-Word, From Now On, ReEmergence, Four Year Puma
II: Aimlessly, Big Little Scenario, Mischief of a Sleepwalker, Dem Be, Lo Swaga, Circus, Evasive/Kamuy
E: Baraka

12.30.2005 - Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA Buy
I: Grow, Luma Daylight, Pianoir > Ramone & Emiglio, Native End, Water Song, Peoples
II: Be Pulse, Moon Socket, By the Morning Sun, Move My Peeps > Frequencies p.2 > Frequencies p.3 > Tokyo
E: Things in My Life*+, Inspire Strikes Back
* with Collective Efforts
+ with David Murphy on vox

12.31.2005 - Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA Buy
I: This, Us, Somesing, One A Day, Blu Mood, Music, Us, ROY G BIV, Monkey Music, Aimlessly
II: Warrior > Countdown > Rent, Lo Swaga, Arigato, Hubble, Really Wut?, Once Told, Open E
E: Dance, GLOgli



As this band is in a constant state of evolution and experimentation some of the titles may have changed, and some songs may not even have official titles at all. These have tentative titles given by the band, crew, or fans and I have made every attempt to list and reference all such titles.

There are so many new songs and works in progress that I have started to list those without titles as New Song followed by some form of identifier, normally a two letter designation, so that when a title is given it will be that much easier for me to update this setlist archive.