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"From a Private Collection"

2.08.02 - The Justice League - San Francisco, CA (Root Science)
Set 1: warhead, seven seas, kiss the girl, limb by limb, only a dream, fallen ones, shadow
Set 2: sweetiest taboo, no games, zion 4, 6 million ways to die, original nutta, snapshot
E: supaman

Root Science is:
David Murphy - Bass (STS9), James Christopher - DJ (SF area favorite), Lost - Vocals (Knightbred-ATL), Syrene - Vocals (ATL area favorite), XQR - Vocals (Knightbred-ATL), Zach Velmer - Drums (STS9) Also sitting in: Hunter Brown - Guitar (STS9), Jeffree Lerner - Handsonic (STS9)
This was a unique show in that the performers came together in order to take classic drum and bass tracks
selected by Christopher and Velmer and interpret them in a live iprovisational atmosphere.

2.28.02 - The Belly UP - Solana Beach, CA
I: Ramone & Emiglio, Life's Sweet Breath, Mischief of A Sleepwalker, Improv*, ... And Some Are Angels
II: 4 My Peeps > Tap In > Your It, Grow, Shine
E: Inspire Strikes Back
* ='s w/scott miller on didg

setlist courtesy of Jamie Lee & JRizzle

3.1.02 - House of Blues - W. Hollywood, CA Listen
Set 1: Kamuy > Circus, Movement, Itzamana, Freq. Funk
Set 2: Satori, WMIOD*, Surreality > Eb > New DT** > STS9**
E: T.W.E.L.V.E.
* ='s w/extended drum jam at end
** ='s w/scott miller on didg

3.2.02 - Catalyst - Santa Cruz, CA Listen
Set 1: Monkey Music, Equinox > Moon Socket, Life's Sweet Breath, For My Peeps
Set 2: Baraka > Dance, What Is Love, Jebez (aka Drone) > Satori
E: King Pharoh's Tomb

3.3.02 - Hyatt Hotel - Incline Village, NV
(Part of the Sno Core Icicle Ball/1 Set)
Coming Soon

3.4.02 - Harry O's - Park City, UT
(Part of the Sno Core Icicle Ball/1 Set)
Coming Soon

3.5.02 - Big Easy - Boise, ID
(Part of the Sno Core Icicle Ball/1 Set)
Coming Soon

3.6.02 - Wilma Theatre - Missoula, MT
(Part of the Sno Core Icicle Ball/1 Set)
Coming Soon

3.8.02 - Fillmore - Denver, CO
(Part of the Sno Core Icicle Ball/1 Set)
Mobsters > Surreality > Eb, What Is Love, Satori, Ramone & Emiglio*, Moonsocket*,
* ='s w/Karl Denson

3.9.02 - Fillmore - Denver, CO
(Part of the Sno Core Icicle Ball/1 Set)
STS9, For My Peeps > Jebez (aka Drone), King Pharoh's Tomb*, Kamuy*, Baraka
* ='s w/Chris Littlefield and ?

3.10.01 - Dobson Arena - Vail, CO
(Part of the Sno Core Icicle Ball/1 Set)
Circus, Movement > Tap In*, Moonsocket*
* ='s w/Chris Littlefield
setlist courtesy of Sara Bensman

3.12.02 - The Granada Theatre - Lawrence, KS
I: Your It, New Song > Itzamana > Wika Chikana, For My Peeps
II: Monkey Music, Orbital, Grow, Satori
E: T.W.E.L.V.E.

3.13.02 - The Cabooze - Minneapolis, MN
I: Freq. p1 > Freq. p2 > Freq. p3, Universal Mind> Circus > Mobsters > Drum Jam
II: Jebez > Tap In, Mischief Of A Sleepwalker, Bosso Profundo
E: Baraka

setlist courtesy of Jamie Lee

3.14.02 - Union Bar - Iowa City, IA
Coming Soon
E: Mischief of A Sleepwalker

3.15.02 - Barrymore Theatre - Madison, WI Listen
I: Equinox > Grow, You're It > Jebez > And Some Are Angels
II: For My Peeps > Improv With Scotty > Monkey Music, Surreality > EB > Inspire Strikes Back
E: What Is Love
setlist courtesy of Wade Cooper

3.16.02 - HOB - Chicago, IL Listen
I: Circus, Tap In > Satori, Life's Sweet Breath, Kamuy
II: T.W.E.L.V.E., STS9 > For My Peeps, Ramone & Emiglio > Flock of Seaguls > Ramone & Emiglio > Moonsocket
E: Jebez > Horn(Tentative Title)
E2: Baraka
setlist courtesy of David Murphy & Zack Velmer

3.26.02 - State Theatre - Falls Church, VA Listen
I: Itzamana, Circus, Satori, We'll Meet In Our Dreams > Improv > Hubble
II: Baraka > Freq. p2 > Freq. p3, Shine, 4 My Peeps > T.W.E.L.V.E.*
E: Kamuy

* ='s w/Grow teases ala HB

3.27.02 - Higher Ground - Winooski, VT
I: Movements, Equinox, Grow, Mischief of A Sleepwalker, Mobsters
II: Ramone & Emiglio, Jebez, Tap In, Your It, Moonsocket
E: What Is Love
setlist courtesy of Wisco Tim

3.28.02 - Somerville Theater - Somerville, MA
STS9, Water Song, Monkey Music, And Some Are Angels, Life's Sweet Breath
II: Evasive Manuevers, Satori, Wika Chikana, 4 My Peeps
setlist courtesy of Wisco Tim

3.29.02 - Irving Plaza - New York, NY Listen
Grow, 4 My Peeps > Movements > 4 My Peeps, Life's Sweet Breath, Circus
II: What Is Love, Satori, Jebez, Kamuy, STS9, Baraka
E: Mischief
E2: Moonsocket
setlist courtesy of Wisco Tim

3.30.02 - The Trocadero - Philadelphia, PA Listen
Ramone & Emiglio, Shine, Freq 2&3, Surreality, Eb
II: Improv, 4 Year Puma, Tap In, Orbital > Moonsocket
E: Kamuy
setlist courtesy of Wisco Tim

4.1.02 - Starr Hill Music Hall - Charlottesville, VA Listen
I: Mobsters > Eb > Life's Sweet Breath > Monkey Music, Circus
II: Grow, Hubble > Itzamana > Satori > ISB
E: King Pharoh's Tomb

4.2.02- Cats Cradle - Carrboro, NC
I: Movement > STS9 > Kabuki, ...And Some Are Angels > Tap In
II: Kamuy > Jebez, Shine> Universal Mind, T.W.E.L.V.E., Baraka

setlist courtesy of Jamie Lee

4.3.02 - Ziggy's - Winston-Salem, NC
I: Freq. p2 > Freq. p3 , Mischief of A Sleepwalker, Circus, Ramone & Emiglio, Grow
II: ISB, For My Peepz, Equinox, What Is Love, Satori
E: Water Song

4.4.02 - Music Farm - Charleston, SC
I: Improv > Monkey Music, Freq. p1, Life's Sweet Breath, Horn(Tentative Title)
II: Evasive Manuvers, Jebez, STS9, Hubble > Moonsocket

setlist courtesy of Wade Cooper

4.5.02 - The Georgia Theater - Athens, GA Listen
I: Circus > Tap In, Kamuy > Itzamana > Satori
II: Movement > Flock of Seagulls > Baraka > ISB, Jebez
E: Sureality > Eb*
* ='s w/HB Walks tease at intro

setlist courtesy of Owen Renn

4.6.02 - The Georgia Theater - Athens, GA
I: STS9 > Mischief of a Sleepwalker, WMIOD, Ramone & Emiglio, Life's Sweet Breath
II: Grow, For My Peeps, What Is Love, Equinox
E: King Pharohs Tomb > 4 year puma

setlist courtesy of too many people to list 8)

4.8.02 - The Palace - Gainesville, FL
I: Freq. p2&3, Your It, Mobsters, Shine, Horn
II: Movement, Evasive Manuvers, Jebez, Kamuy, Circus
E: When The Right Time Comes

setlist courtesy of Wisco Tim

4.9.02 - Culture Room - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
I: Water Song, Satori, STS9, WMIOD, Ramone & Emiglio
II: 4 My Peeps, Tap In, Dub Improv, Grow, Mischief Of A Sleepwalker, Moonsocket
E: Baraka

setlist courtesy of Wisco Tim

4.11.02 - Tremont Music Hall - Charlotte, NC
Coming Soon

4.12.02 - Asheville Music Zone - Asheville, NC
I: Evasive Manuvers, Circus, Mischief Of A Sleepwalker, life's Sweet Breath, Jebez
II: STS9, Wika Chikana, 4 My Peeps, Satori, Grow
E: Ramone & Emiglio

setlist courtesy of Hazbro

4.13.02 - 5 PTS Music Hall - Birmingham, AL
I: WMIOD, ASAA > Itzamana > Your it, Frequency pt 2 > Frequency pt 3
II: Dance, Kabuki (aka Favorite Melody) > Kamuy, 4 my peeps > T.W.E.L.V.E
E: Baraka

setlist courtesy T. Laws

4.14.02 - Blue Cats - Knoxville, TN
I: Satori, Tap In, Dub Improv, Shine, STS9, Surreality > Eb
II: Improv*, Equinox, Orbital, Grow, Jebez
E: What Is Love
* ='s w/Brandi

setlist courtesy of Wisco Tim

4.16.02 - Bogart's - Cinncinati, OH Listen
I: Water Song, Mischief Of A Sleepwalker, Lifes Sweet Breath, Grow, Circus
II: 4 My Peeps, Mobsters , Ramone & Emiglio, Kabuki(aka Favorite Melody), ISB

setlist courtesy of Wisco Tim

4.17.02 - The Rave - Milwaukee, WI Listen
I: STS9 > Movement > Itzamana, HB New*, Satori
II: Kamuy, Flock Of Seagulls**, Jebez, Moonsocket, Baraka
E:What is Love
* ='s first ever
** ='s Herbie Hancock cover

4.18.02 - Royal Oak Theatre - Royal Oak, MI
Coming Soon

4.19.02 - The Odeon - Cleveland, OH Listen
I: Circus, Movements, 4 My Peeps, Moonsockets
II: Ramone & Emiglio, Hubble, Shine, Kamuy, Jebez

4.20.02 - The Patio - Indianapolis, IN
Coming Soon

4.21.02 - The Canopy Club - Urbana, IL
I: Jebez, Flock Of Seagulls* > Tap In > Mobsters > Funky House > Mobsters, Orbital
II: Movement, Potamus > Ramone & Emiglio, Evasive Manuvers > Circus
E: Your It > Life's Sweet Breath

* ='s Herbie Hancock cover

4.23.02 - The Mercury - Austin, TX
Coming Soon

4.24.02 - Tree's - Dallas, TX
Coming Soon

4.27.02 - Bash On Ash - Tempe, AZ
I: We'll Meet In Our Dreams, Satori, Circus, Movement, Life's Sweet Breath, Grow
II: STS9, Jebez, Mischief, Ramone & Emiglio, King Pharoh's Tomb, Kamuy
E: Baraka

4.28.02 - Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival - Indio, CA
Satori > Grow, Life's Sweet Breath > Surr > Eb, We'll Meet In Our Dreams > 4 My Peeps

5.16.02 - The Fillmore West - San Francisco, CA Listen
I: Havana Ascent*, Kamuy*, Mischief of a Sleepwalker*, Circus*, Ramone and Emiglio*, Movements****, Life's Sweet Breath
II: Jebez*, Tap In***, Grow*, For My Peeps*, We'll Meet In Our Dreams*, Moonsocket*, Satori**
E: Surreality*

* ='s w/Karsh Kale (percussion/samples)
** ='s w/ Karsh Kale and Audio Angel (vocals)
** ='s w/ Karsh Kale, Audio Angel, and Scott Miller (Didg)
**** ='s w/ Audio Angel (vocals)

setlist courtesy of J.R. Minkus & Cory Ferber

5.18.02 PhilFest - Patten Gymnasium - Northwestern University - Evanston, IL
(One Set): STS9, For My Peeps, Grow, Satori > Moonsockets, Havana Ascent(new HB song), Baraka
E: Improv
* ='s about 22 minutes of improv w/The Slip. Brad Barr (guitar), Marc Friedman (bass) each played with own rigs. Andrew Barr (drums) started off playing on percussion with Jeff and later moved over to Zach and played with him on his kit. Hunter teases Ramone & Emiglio early in jam. Also a noticable "cannonball"(breeders) tease ala brad.

setlist courtesy of Dave via the Communication Lowdown, with the blanks filled in by Leif Moravy.

05.18.02 (LATE NIGHT) - DJ Logic w/PhilFest All-stars - Boulevard Cafe - Chicago, IL
Jeffree Lerner played percussion with numerous artists on many improv jams. At one point on stage with Jeff were DJ Logic, John Medeski, Fareed Haque, Brad Barr, Frank Catalano, Cochemea Gastelum, Andrew Barr and Jon Grant. Others who played include members from some of bands that played at PhilFest that day and others in Chicago that night...

The PhilFest All-stars:
DJ Logic (turntables), John Medeski (organ-MMW), Fareed Haque (guitar-The Fareed Haque Group), Brad Barr (guitar-The Slip), Andrew Barr (drums-The Slip), Jeffree Lerner (percussion-STS9), Cochemea Gastelum (alto sax/flute-RW20thCongress), Chuck Prada (percussion-RW20thCongress, George Sluppick (drums-RW20thCongress), Frank Catalano (sax-Frank Catalano Band), Brendan Bayliss (guitar-Umphrey's McGee), Patrick Dolan (alto sax, flute-Guy Smiley Blues Exchange), Jon Grant (bass-Guy Smiley Blues Exchange), Chris West (saxes, alto flute-Guy Smiley Blues Exchange)

setlist courtesy of Leif Moravy.

5.23.02 - Aoyama Cay - Tokyo, Japan Buy
I: Grow, We Meet In Our Dreams, Tap In > King Pharoah's Tomb > Moonsocket
II: Ramone & Emiglio > ...And Some Are Angels > Movement > What Is Love
E: Mischief Of A Sleepwalker

setlist courtesy of Taro.

5.24.02 - Differ Ariake - Tokyo, Japan Listen
(Incomplete setlist)
I: Satori, Inspire Stikes Back, For My Peeps* Life's Sweet Breath, Circus
II: Jebez, Kamuy > Surreality > EB, New Song (HA?) > Baraka
E: Grow

*='s w/a Japanese female vocalist improv'ing with beautiful voice
setlist courtesy of Taro.

5.25.02 - Lunatic Picnic Outdoor Festival - Buy
The Collective Art Conscious Fetival
Hakonomori Play Park, Shiobara Onsen, Tochigi Pref.
(One Set): Movement, Sts9, Satori, Frequency 2 > 3, Gobnugget, Evasive Manuvers, Kamuy, T.W.E.L.V.E., 4 My Peeps, Moonsocket

setlist courtesy of Taro & Mike.

7.4.02 - High Sierra Music Festival - Quincy, CA Listen
main stage
(One Set): Moonsocket, ASAA, Today*, STS9, Lifes Sweet Breath, 4 My Peeps, Kamuy
E: Satori
*='s Brand spanking new and described as epicly sick

setlist courtesy of JR Minkus.

7.5.02 - High Sierra Music Festival - Quincy, CA Listen
workshop stage
(One Set): Mischief tease, Murph Speaking, David Phipps solo demonstrating the monochord and then he and Murph answer some questions, IMPROV in F!, Murph then asked the crowd why they like both the band and music itself > They then answer a question about the bands spiritual beliefs which led into Murphy discussing the tones of the day briefly > IMPROV in C sharp#, Murph gives some info about the new song > New Try Improv attempt 1 > tech. difficulties > New Try Improv@, Murph answers a question about the Root Science side project > Next HB answers a question about the intention of thier music > Then they are asked what cds are in the bands cd changers (Zach, Murph, Jeffree, Brown, and then Phipps answer). The next question was what is the signifigance of the number 9 and why was it used in the bands name, Then someone asked about the last date of the current cycle of the myan calander in 2012, Followed by a question about Jeffree's handsonic, Murph then hands off a question to Phipps about where they feel music comes from, Someone then asked Zach how he does what he does, Next someone asked who do they feel is the frontman/star of the band,

@ ='s New Song
! ='s The key phipps' new instrument ("monochord") is keyed to - which as he explained is the tone the earth is currently resonating to... but is also moving towards F sharp.
# ='s The tone of the day

setlist courtesy of Cory Ferber and JR Minkus with a little help from Bob.

7.6.02 - High Sierra Music Festival - Quincy, CA Listen
funking jamhouse stage
I: Movement > Mischief of a Sleepwalker, New Try@ > Tap In, Shine * > D&B Improv * > Shine *, Universal Mind *$, Squares and Cubes %
II: Baraka^, Grow , Today@, Ramone and Emiglio, Circus, EB
E: Kamuy
@ ='s New Song
* ='s with Fareed Haque (guitar) and Kai Echkart (bass)
$ ='s also with Scotty on vocals
% ='s with Jessica Lurie (flute)
^ ='s with opening prayer and 2 fire dancers during song

setlist courtesy of Cory Ferber & JR Minkus.

7.18.02 - Mishawaka Amphitheatre - Bellevue, CO Listen
I: Water Song > Kamuy, Itzamana > Movement > Kabuki > T.W.E.L.V.E
II: Jebez > Life's Sweet Breath > New Try > Surreality > Eb, Moonsocket, Baraka

setlist courtesy of Wisco Tim

7.19.02 - Mishawaka Amphitheatre - Bellevue, CO Listen
I: STS9 > Equinox > Monkey Music, You're It, Today
II: Circus, Hubble, Grow, For My Peeps > Satori
III: Mischief of a Sleepwalker > Ramone & Emiglio >
Flock Of Seagulls* , Tap In > WMIOD
E: What Is Love

* ='s Herbie Hancock cover
setlist courtesy of Wisco Tim

7.20.02 - Tulagi - Boulder, CO Listen
I: 4 Year Puma, ...ASAA, Today > New Try, Freq. p1 > Freq. p2 > Freq. p3
II: Orbital, Shine, Improv > Gobnugget > Eb, ISB
E: Havana Ascent > Evasive Manuvers

8.9.02 - Berkfest 2002 - Great Barrington, MA Listen
Circus, Kamuy > Mischief of a Sleepwalker, New Try > Movement, Today, Orbital > Otherwise Formless > Orbital, LSB

8.10.02 - Berkfest 2002 - Great Barrington, MA Listen
Jatro, STS9, Havona Ascent, Grow, Hubble, Inspire, 4 My Peeps, Baraka, New Try

8.16.02 - Harmonic Convergence - Mills River, NC Buy
I: Surreality > Ramone & Emiglio, Jebez, STS9, LSB, Movement
II: Baraka, Mischief, Native End, Havona Ascent > Orbital
E: Grow

8.17.02 - Harmonic Convergence - Mills River, NC Buy Listen
And Some Are Angles, Tap In, Circus, Potamus > Kamuy, Today > Hubble > For My Peeps, Satori, Moonsocket(w/ DJ Spooky and Ming&FS)
setlist courtesy of Innis Nelson

9.5.02 - The Music Farm - Charleston, SC Listen
I: Circus, Freq 2 > 3, For My Peeps, Evasive Maneuvers, Satori
II: Breathe In, Today, Ramone & Emiglio, SURreality > EB, Grow, Inspire
E: Baraka

setlist courtesy of Wade Cooper with help from JR Minkus

9.6.02 - The Georgia Theater - Athens, GA Listen
I: Tap In, Havona, Orbital, LSB
II: Potamus > Gobbnugget, STS9, Mischief, Native End, Water Song, Monkey Music
E: What Is Love

setlist courtesy of Wisco

9.7.02 - The Georgia Theater - Athens, GA Listen
I: Jebez, Circus, Hubble, Once Told, Breathe In
II: Baraka, Grow, Today, Movement, Satori, Moonsocket

* ='s W/Nature Boy
setlist courtesy of Wisco

9.12.02 - State Theatre - Falls Church, VA
I: Movement, Equinox, ASAA, Havona, Hubble
II: Tap In, Jebez, Circus, R&E, TWELVE

setlist courtesy of Wisco

9.13.02 - The World - New York, NY
I: Today, Kamuy > Orbital, LSB, Native End > Mischief*
II: Baraka**, Once Told, STS9***, Call^*, For My Peeps*, Breathe In*
E: Potamus > Gobbnugget
* ='s w/Karsh Kale
** ='s w/Vishol
*** ='s w/Ming, FS, and Karsh Kale
^ ='s 1st time ever

setlist courtesy of Wisco

9.14.02 - The Trocadero - Philadelphia, PA Listen
I: Breathe In, Your It, Inspire Strikes Back, Once Told, Surreality>Eb
II: Grow, Water Song, Monkey Music, Satori, Moonsockets
E: Today

9.21.02 - Fairfax World Music Festival - Fairfax, CA
Equinox, ?, LSB, ?, Kamuy, Movement, Circus, Satori, Today, Moonsocket, Baraka
setlist courtesy of Mr. Ferber

9.26.02 - Tree's - Dallas, TX Listen
I : Today, Native End, Grow, Once Told, Mischief of a Sleepwalker
II : Potamus > Gobnugget, STS9, For My Peeps, Satori, Eb

setlist courtesy of Mr. Wyatt

9.27.02 - Engine Room - Houston, TX
I : Cricus, Tap In, Water Song, Your It, ISB
II: Breathe In, Ramone and Emiglio, We'll Meet in Our Dreams, Hubble, Kamuy
E: King Pharohs Tomb

setlist courtesy of Wisco

9.28.02 - Austin City Limits Festival - Austin, TX
Satori, Life's Sweet Breath, For My Peeps, Once Told, Grow, Baraka
setlist courtesy of Wisco

9.28.02 - La Zona Rosa - Austin, TX
I: Moonsocket, Havana Ascent, Movements, Native End, Breathe In
II: Kamuy, Orbital, Today, T.W.E.L.V.E.
E: Mischief of a Sleepwalker

setlist courtesy of Wisco

10.18.02 - The Fillmore - San Francisco, CA Listen
I: T.W.E.L.V.E. > Mischief Of A Sleepwalker, H20 & Bells* > Evasive Manuvers, Today, Satori**
II: Native End (aka New Try) > Water>Drum Solo>Song > Muir Soul*, Orbital**, Potamus > Gobnugget (aka Pottamunug), Grow
E: Baraka

* ='s 1st time played by STS9(1st played at the recent Tzolkin show).
** ='s w/ Audio Angel

10.19.02 - The Fillmore - San Francisco, CA Listen
I: Ramone & Emiglio > Once Told, Hubble > LSB, Circus > Jebez
II: Breathe In, Crystal Instrument* > Luma Daylight*, Tap In, For My Peeps > STS9 > Moonsocket
E: Havona Ascent, Kamuy

* ='s 1st time played by STS9(1st played at the recent Tzolkin show).

10.24.02 - Barrymore Theatre - Madison, WI Listen
I: Movement > ISB, Once Told, Surreality > Eb, Muir Soul
II: Today, Satori, Circus, WMA(?), Kamuy, Baraka
E: King Pharoh's Tomb

10.25.02 - HOB - Chicago - Chicago, IL
I: Mischief, Water Song, Monkey Music, Jebez, Breathe In, WMIOD
II: Native End, STS9, Hubble, Potamus > Gobbnugget, ASAA, Moonsocket
E: What Is Love

10.26.02 - HOB - Chicago - Chicago, IL Listen
I: Tap In, Circus, Mobsters, Once Told, Grow, Luma Daylight
II: Satori, Ramone & Emiglio, Today, Baraka, Havona Ascent, T.W.E.L.V.E., Muir Soul, Orbital
E: Kamuy

10.31.02 - The Roxy Theatre - Atlanta, GA Listen
I: Circus, WMIOD, Satori, Grow, LSB, Moonsocket
II: Improv 1 > Improv 2, Havona Ascent, Crystal Instrument > Baraka
III: Breathe In, Once Told, Orbital > Drums, Luma Daylight, Mischief Of A Sleepwalker, T.W.E.L.V.E.

setlist courtesy of J.R.

11.1.02 - The Roxy Theatre - Atlanta, GA
I: Movement, STS9, Muir SOul, ASAA, Tap In, Today
II: Dance, For My Peeps, Kamuy, Pottamunug, Hubble, Jebez, ISB
E: What Is Love?

setlist courtesy of J.R.

11.2.02 - The Orange Peel - Asheville, NC Listen
I: Grow, Mischief, Water Song, Luma Daylight, Native End, Breathe In, Wika Chikana
II: Satori, Once Told, Baraka, Surreality > Eb, Evasive, LSB
E: 4 Year Puma

11.6.02 - Fox Theatre - Boulder, CO Listen
I: ISB, Today, ASAA, Your It, Havona Ascent*, Freq. p2 > Freq. p3
II: Native End, Ramone & Emiglio, Jebez, LSB, New?, Hubble, T.W.E.L.V.E.
E: Universal Mind*

* ='s w/Scottie

11.7.02 - Fox Theatre - Boulder, CO Listen
I: STS9, 4 My Peeps, Kamuy, Shine, Muir Soul, Itzamana
II: Mischief, Luma Daylight, Grow, Circus > Improv > Monkey Music, Baraka
E: What Is Love

11.8.02 - Fox Theatre - Boulder, CO Listen
I: Breathe In > Equinox > Water Song, Mobsters* > Surreality* > Eb*
II: Satori*, Once Told, Wika Chikana, Movement**, Tap In, Moonsocket
III: KPT, WMIOD, No Woman No Cry*, Orbital*, 4 Year Puma

* ='s w/Audio Angel
**'s w/Audio Angel and Scottie

11.9.02 - The Gothic Theatre - Englewood, CO Listen
I: H20 & Bells > T.W.E.L.V.E., Freq. p1, STS9, Grow, Once Told, Mischief
II: Evasive Manuvers, Today, Breathe In, Dance, New Song, Baraka, Luma Daylight

12.5.02 - The Catalyst - Santa Cruz, CA
I: Satori, ?, Grow, New song > Tap In, Baraka
II: Moonsockets, ?, STS9 Ramone > Eb > Emiglio
E: Circus, What is love?

setlist courtesy of Sean Smith

12.6.02 - The Catalyst - Santa Cruz, CA Listen
I: Native End, Movement, Potamus > Gobnugget, Equinox, Today, Evasive Manuvers > Kamuy
II: Mischief Of A Sleepwalker, Breath In, New song ( Polly wort??), Orbital, Havana Ascent*, Monkey Music

* ='s w/Spoken Word by Joy
setlist courtesy of Sean Smith

12.7.02 - The El Ray - Los Angeles, CA Listen
I: STS9 > Water SOng > Moonsockets, Once Told, LSB, Breathe In
II: Satori, Rilly Wut > Grow, Luma Daylight, Baraka, T.W.E.L.V.E.
E: Inspire

12.8.02 - The Galaxy Theatre - Santa Anna, CA Listen
I: Jebez, Mobsters > Surreality > Eb, Muir Soul, Ramone & Emiglio, Rilly Wut
II: Havona Ascent*, Tap In, WMIOD, 4 My Peeps, Circus, Dance
E: Kamuy

* ='s w/Scottie

12.30.02 - The Regency Center - San Francisco, CA Listen
I: Freq 2 > Freq 3, Potomus > Gobnugget, Wika Chikana, ASAA, Water Song, Circus > Monkey Music*
II: Ramone & Emiglio, What is love?, Jebez, Universal Mind**, Mobsters > Surr > EB, ISB
E: Muir Soul, Hubble

* ='s w long intro
** ='s w/ Scotty

12.31.02 - The Regency Center - San Francisco, CA Listen
I: Relli Wut? > STS9, Satori*, Crystal Instrument > Luma Daylight, Breathe In, Grow, Mischief Of A Sleepwalker*
II: Evasive Maneuvers > Kamuy, Today, Enjoy The Silence*@, For My Peeps, Once Told, Baraka, Moonsocket, Orbital*, LSB
E: T.W.E.L.V.E.
* ='s w/ Audio Angel
@ ='s depeche mode cover, first time played



As this band is in a constant state of evolution and experimentation some of the titles may have changed, and some songs may not even have official titles at all. These have tentative titles given by the band, crew, or fans and I have made every attempt to list and reference all such titles.

There are so many new songs and works in progress that I have started to list those without titles as New Song followed by some form of identifier, normally a two letter designation, so that when a title is given it will be that much easier for me to update this setlist archive.