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"From a Private Collection"

1.20.00 - Jack Legs' - Nashville, TN
Coming Soon

1.27.00 - Amici's - Milledgeville, GA
Coming Soon

1.29.00 - Rafters - Boone, NC
Coming Soon

2.9.00 - Sidebar - Gainesville, FL
Coming Soon

2.10.00 - Cow Haus - Tallahassee, FL
Coming Soon

2.11.00 - Pounders - Tuscaloosa, AL (Fat Apple opened)
Coming Soon

2.12.00 - Zydeco - Birmingham, AL
Set 1 : Water Song, 4 Year Puma, Tap In, King Pharoh's Tomb, ASAA
Set 2 : Mobsters, Surreality, T.W.E.L.V.E., Mischief of A Sleepwalker, Itzamana, Inspire

2.16.00 - Proud Larry's - Oxford, MS
Coming Soon

2.17.00- Liquid Lounge- Dallas, TX (80 people)
I: Frequency > Frequency Funk, Tap In > Regattae > Dance > Inspire Strikes Back Part 2 (ISB2), Surreality > Evasive Maneuvers
II: 12 > Water Song, Kaya > New Song > Moonsocket (Buzz at the end of the song) > Orbital (aka Moonsocket Drum and Bass/MDB)
setlist courtesy of Mark Kinch

2.20.00 - Mangos, Austin, TX
I: ISB2 > Orbital, Mobsters > Surreality > Frequency Drum and Bass (FDB) > Frequency Funk
II: Gobnugget > Drums > Mischief Of A Sleepwalker > ...And Some Are Angels > Harmonics > Vibe Becomes You > T.W.E.L.V.E. > Water Song

2.22.00 - Sonny's Saloon - Albuquerque, NM
I: Some are Angels (Improv that led up to the new song)> Improv> Surreality> Mobsters> Improv> Improv> Monkey Music
II: Improv> Improv> Squares and Cubes (?)> Mischief of a Sleepwalker> Frequency Funk, Bass Solo> Tap In (different intro)> Space Percussion Solo
setlist courtesy of Mark Kinch

2.23.00 - San Juan Room - Durango, CO
Coming Soon

2.24.00 - Mogollon Brewing Company - Flagstaff, AZ
Coming Soon

2.25.00 - Legend's Lounge - Las Vegas, NV
Coming Soon

2.26.00 - 14 Below - Santa Monica, CA (Rollin' Bolin opened)
I: Frequency d&b, Tap In > T.W.E.L.V.E.> Inspire Strikes Back, Freq. p2, Mobsters > Surreality > Mischief Of A Sleepwalker > Moonsocket

2.27.00 - Winston's - San Diego, CA
Coming Soon

2.29.00 - Humpty's - Tahoe City, CA
I: ...And Some Are Angels, Mobsters > Surreality >Monkey Music > Harmonics
II: Regatta > Inspire Strikes Back > Moonsocket, Orbital

3.2.00 - Moe's Alley - Santa Cruz, CA (The Motet opened)
Coming Soon

3.3.00 - Lasalle's - Chico, CA (DJ Bad Rock opened)
Coming Soon

3.4.00 - The Cocodrie - San Francisco, CA (The Motet opened)
I: ISB (35:00) > Kaya(11:24) > Electronica(7:42)
II: Twelve(22:12) > Orbital(11:54) > Frequency Funk(10:42) > Moonsocket(14:28) > Water Song(9:19) > Bosso(4:29)
setlist courtesy of Mark Kinch

3.7.00 - Taylor's - Eugene, OR (Freedom Funk Ensemble opened)
Coming Soon

3.8.00 - Mt. Tabor Pub - Portland, OR

3.9.00- Tractor Tavern- Seattle, WA

3.10.00 - The Brickyard - Vancouver, BC (Dr Didg opened)
I: Inspire Strikes Back P1 > Inspire Strikes Back P2 > Dance-ish improv(ending peak is played) > Frequiencies P1A.K.A. DnB > Frequiencies P3A.K.A. Funk, Bosso Profundo
II: Orbital > Monkey Music, Itzamana > ...And Some Are Angels, What is Love > Common Objects Strangely Placed

3.11.00 - Boot Pub- Whistler, BC (Dr Didg opened)
I: Tap in, New Song, Moonsocket, Orbital (aka Moonsocket Drum and Bass), Evasive Maneuvers, Kamuy, Improv, Surreality, Frequency, Frequency Funk
II: Inspire Strikes Back part 1, Inspire Strikes Back part 2, Water Song, TWELVE
E: Watch Out For That Bus

3.13.00 - 140 West - Missoula, MT
Coming Soon

3.15.00 - The Alligator Lounge - Breckenridge, CO
I: Frequiencies P2 > Frequiencies P3A.K.A. Funk, Monkey Music, ...And Some Are Angels, Squares & Cubes, Inspire Strikes Back P1 > Inspire Strikes Back P2
II: Mobsters > SurReality > improv > Bosso Profundo , DnB improv > Watch Out For That Bus

3.16.00 - BLuebird- Denver, CO
I: Tap in, Kaya, Hubble, Moonsocket Drum and Bass
II: New Song, Improv, Electronicca Juno funk Jam, Kamuy, Drums
E: Four Year Puma

3.17.00 - Tulagi's, Boulder, CO
I: Monkey Music, Kamuy, Inspire Strikes Back, Water Song, Dance
II: Orbital, Mischief Of A Sleepwalker, Moonsocket, Harmonics, TWELVE
E: What is Love

3.18.00 - Starlight - Fort Collins, CO
I: Kaya > Freq. p2 > Freq. Funk, Bosso Profundo, Funk Improv*
II: Mobsters > Surreality > Evasive Manuvers > Kamuy > ASAA, Tap > Dub > In > More Dub, Moonsocket

3.22.00- Cicero's, St. Louis, MO
Monkey Music, Frequency > And Some Are Angels > New Song > Dance > Orbital

3.23.00 - Schuba's - Chicago, IL
I: Surreality > Eb > Tap In, Inspire, Quests, Moonsockets > Oribital, 4 year
E: Water Song > Evasive Manuvers > Kamuy > Water Song

3.24.00 - Blind Pig - Ann Arbor, MI
Coming Soon

3.26.00 - Nietzsche's- Buffalo, NY
I: Water Song, Orbital (aka Moonsocket Drum and Bass), Bosso Profundo, New Song
II: Improv, Watch Out For That Bus, Frequency, Tap in, Regatta, TWELVE
E: Moonsocket

3.27.00 - Milestones - Rochester, NY (Project Object performed an early show)
Coming Soon

3.28.00 - The Haunt - Ithaca, NY (DJ Anthony Garlic opened)
Coming Soon

3.29.00 - Wetlands Preserve - New York City, NY
Coming Soon

3.30.00 - The Khyber - Philadelphia, PA (Brothers Past closed show)
Coming Soon

3.31.00 - Middle East - Cambridge, MA (opened for Soulive)
Coming Soon

4.1.00 - Recher Theatre - Towson, MD (opened for John Scofield)
Coming Soon

4.7.00 - Georgia Theatre - Athens, GA
I: Electro Improv, ISB p2, Dubbish Improv, Regatta, ASAA, ISB p1 > Water Song > Moon Socket

4.8.00 - Delta Tau Delta Fraternity - University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa, AL

4.13.2000 - Bodega - Auburn, AL
I: Monkey Music> ISB1> ISB2> Sleepwalker
II: Mobster> Surreality> Kamuy> Tap In> Regatta> Angels> 12> Electronic Jam> 12> Watch Out For That Bus Breakdown> Watch Out For That Bus
Encore: Orbital> Electronic Jam
setlist courtesy of Mark Kinch

4.14.2000 - Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity - Auburn University - Auburn, AL
I: Bosso Profundo, Frequency D&B> Frequency Funk, Surreality> Improv> Surreality> Improv> Dance
II: Evasive Maneuvers> Kamuy> Harmonics, Moonsocket> Electronic Jam> Moonsocket> Orbital> Water Song> Nature
setlist courtesy of Mark Kinch

4.15.00 - Sigma Alpha Epsilon - University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa, AL Party
I: Frequency 1 2 3, T.W.E.L.V.E. > Guitar Loop/Electric Jam> 12, Some are Angels> Gobnugget> Kamuy
II: ISB2> Electronics Jam> Electric Avenue#> Dance, HB Goes to School> What is Love?> Drums> Orbital> Improv> Orbital, 4 Year Puma

# Murph holds the "Avenue" bassline while previous electonic jam is mixed in with the Electric Avenue song
setlist courtesy of Mark Kinch

4.20.00 - Ziggy's Tavern - Winston-Salem, NC
Coming Soon

4.21.00 - Little Turniptown Overnight Jam - Ellijay, GA (Full Circle & Planet Jive opened)
Coming Soon

4.27.00- Sigma Nu Fraternity House - Ole Miss - Oxford, MS
Coming Soon

4.28.00 - Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Ole Miss - Oxford, MS Party
I: Frequency 1 2 3, Dance, Harmonics, Orbital
II: Sleepwalker> Improv> Moonsocket, Angels, Watch Out For That Bus, What is Love> T.W.E.L.V.E.
setlist courtesy of Mark Kinch

5.4.00 - Jacob's Ladder - Chattanooga, TN
Coming Soon

5.5.00 - Jack Legs' - Nashville, TN
Coming Soon

5.9.00 - Blue Nite Cafe - Hilton Head Island, SC
Coming Soon

5.10.00 - Cumberlands - Charleston, SC
Coming Soon

5.11.00 - Be Here Now - Asheville, NC
Coming Soon

5.12.00 - The Handlebar - Greenville, SC
I: Dance > New Song > Orbital > Freq. p2 > Moonsocket*
II: Water Song, SurReality > Eb > Kamuy
* ='s w/Harmonics Jam @ outro

5.13.00 - Jack Straws - Charlotte, NC
I: Mobsters, Surreality, Water Song, Inspire Strikes Back part 2, New Song
II: TWELVE, Tap in, Chris Dub, Regatta, harmonics, Orbital (aka Moonsocket Drum and Bass), Moonsocket
E: What Is Love

5.19.00 - Cotton Club - Atlanta GA
I: Evasive >Kamuy >ISB >Water song, What is Love > And Some Are Angels, And Some Are Angels Reprise, Spoken Word Jam w/ Pam, Harmonics
II: Surreality, Orbital (aka Moonsocket Drum and Bass), New Song, ?,
E: Moonsocket

5.20.00 - Zydeco - Birmingham, AL
Coming Soon

5.21.00 - Unity Festival - Summertown, TN (Dead Set and Granola Funk Express opened)
Coming Soon

6.24.00 - Gathering of the Vibes Festival - Showcase Stage - Seaside Park - Bridgeport, CT
Coming Soon

6.30.00 - High Sierra Music Festival - Late Night Tent
Plumas County Fairgrounds - Quincy, CA (Dr Didg opened)
I: Kamuy, freq., Monkey Music, Jam(barakaesque song)*
II: ASAA, Orbital, Tap In, Surreality > EB
* ='s w/Dr. Didg

7.1.00 - High Sierra Music Festival - Showcase Stage - Plumas County Fairgrounds - Quincy, CA Listen
(One Set): EB, Itsamana, Moonsocket > Jazz Groove > Moonsocket, Orbital (aka Moonsocket Drum and Bass), Dance > Inspire Strikes Back Part 2, TWLEVE
setlist courtesy of Mark Kinch

7.4.00- Doug's Place- Squaw Valley, CA
(Spur of the moment party played near Tahoe.)
I: Improv, Inspire Strikes Back Part 1 (ISB1) > Inspire Strikes Back Part 2 (ISB2), Water Song, Harmonics, Improv, Regattae
II: Kamuy, Orbital, ... And Some Are Angels (ASAA), Frequency, Tap In
setlist courtesy of Mark Kinch

7.6.00 - Wild Duck Brewery - Eugene, OR
Coming Soon

7.7.00 - Snake and Weasel - Portland, OR
Coming Soon

7.18.00 - Mystic Hot Springs, UT
(Setlists of both sets)
: Mobsters > Funk/Jazz Improv > Mobsters Reprise, Surreality, Mobsteresque Improv, Four Year Puma, Improv, New SOng, Itsamana, New Song, Water Song > Total Funk Jam, Regattae, Drums, Harmonics
setlist courtesy of Mark Kinch

I: Improv, Monkey Music, DJ Musik, Improv, Improv, Improv, Kaya (Slow/Fast version), No Woman No Cry
II: DJ Hunter Brown/ Jeff on Bass*, MMW Improv%, Lots more of Jeff on Bass and Hunter on DJ, Jazz Improv$, Bosso Profundo, Orbital (aka Moonsocket Drum and Bass)
*Jeff Learner playing with Dave's Bass and Hunter Toying with Turntables all night
% Band switch with Jeff on Bass, Isaac on Drums, David Murphey on Percussion, Zack on Keys, Hunter on Turntables
$ Band Introductions over the Jazz swing improv

setlist courtesy of Mark Kinch

7.22.00 - Great American Music Hall - San Francisco, CA
(one set): Kamuy > Water Song, Moonsocket > Orbital, TWELVE > ASAA

7.25.00- Space 550- San Francisco, CA- Day Out of Time
I: Tonal Jam (16:29) > Monkey Music (17:21) > Kamuy Jam (3:53), Frequency Drum and Bass (12:43)
II: Inspire Strikes Back Part 2 (19:18), ...Some are Angels (14:22) > Orbital (15:29) > Frequency Funk (7:54)
Set 3: Kamuy (12:15) > Surreality (16:05), Water Song (17:55)*
* Set ended early due to David Murphy being ill.
setlist courtesy of Mark Kinch

7.27.00 - Moe's Alley - Santa Cruz, CA Listen
I: Mobsters(8:30) > Surreality(4:50) > Eb(15:08) > Regatta Drum and Bass- > Regatta(6:31), Kamuy(10:32), Tap In(15:15) > TWELVE(12:49)
II: Itzamana(15:12), Mischief of A Sleepwalker(12:37) > Moon Socket(14:08) > Orbital(18:31), Murph thanks the crew, What Is Love(12:54) > Improv(9:19)

setlist courtesy of Kinch and Wiely, with track times by Kinch

8.1.00- End of the Road Party- Maritime Hall- San Francisco, CA
One Set : Inspire Strikes Back Part 2, ...And Some Are Angels, Itzamana, Orbital (aka Moonsocket Drum and Bass), Moonsocket, Water Song, TWELVE
setlist courtesy of Mark Kinch

8.5.00- Santa Barbara- Boat Show
I: Improv/Soundcheck > Equinox Jam > Water Song, Dance > Inspire Strikes Back (2>1>2)
II: Kamuy > Surreality > Eb, Regattae > Monkey Music, Orbital (aka Moonsocket Drum and Bass), Watch Out For That Bus, No Woman No Cry (Marley)
setlist courtesy of Mark Kinch

8.26.00 - Justice League - San Francisco, CA
Coming Soon

8.30.00- Memphis, TN- Young Avenue Deli
Set1: Mobster > Surreality > Wika Chikana, Harmonics
Set2: Squares and Cubes > Evasive Maneuvers, Some are Angels Tap In, Dance, Itzamana
setlist courtesy of Mark Kinch

8.31.00- Oxford, MS- Proud Larry's Listen
Set1: Some are Angels, P-Funk, Mischief of a Sleepwalker, 4 Year Puma
Set2: Inspire Part 2, Hubble > Kamuy > Slow Improv > Time Within Evolving Living Vehicle Earth(TWELVE), Moonsocket
setlist courtesy of Mark Kinch

9.01.00- Birmingham, AL- Zydeco's
Set1: Wika Chikana, Squares and Cubes, Monkey Music, Orbital
Set2: Tap In > EB, Water Song, Frequency 2&3, What is Love?, Hubble
setlist courtesy of Mark Kinch

9.2.00- Charleston, SC Listen
Set One: Frequency Drum & Bass, Kamuy, Dance > Inspire Strikes Back, And Some are Angels (about an hour in length)
Set Two: P Funk, Moonsocket, Orbital (aka Moonsocket Drum and Bass), Bosso, Evasive Maneuvers, Twelve (about 1hr 20min)
Encore: Doom, Doom (~14 mins.)
setlist courtesy of Mark Kinch

9.5.00 - Florida Theatre - Gainesville, FL
Coming Soon

9.6.00 - Yianni's - Tallahassee, FL
Coming Soon

9.7.00 - Venue 1215 - Tuscaloosa, AL
Coming Soon

9.8.00 - Jack Legs' - Nashville, TN
Coming Soon

9.9.00- Georgia Theater- Athens, GA
Set One: And Some are Angels, Moonsocket, Orbital, Water Song, What is Love?
Set Two: Kamuy, EB, Frequency Funk(3) , Dance*, Inspire Strikes Back Part 2, Hubble,
Encore #1: TWELVE, Encore #2: Bosso Profundo

* w/ audience participation with the LYRICS to the song.
setlist courtesy of Mark Kinch

9.12.00 - Brothers' Bar - Jacksonville, AL
Coming Soon

9.14.2000 - Rafters - Boone, NC
I: Evasive Maneuvers> Kamuy> ...Some are Angels, ISB 1> ISB 2> Hubble
II: Orbital> Regattae> T.W.E.L.V.E.> Improv> EB> Improv*> Frequency> Funk
*Improv same as the one from 2/22/2000 New Mexico show.
Awsome DJ set break and DJ soundcheck with Hunter and Sax.

9.15.00 - Campus Pub - Knoxville, TN
Coming Soon

9.16.00 - The Roxy Theatre - Atlanta, GA
I: Surreality > Kamuy Wika Chikana > Hubble >...And Some are Angels
II: Tap In > Regatta, Water Song>Orbital, Gobnugget > EB > Drums, What Is Love? > Watch Out For That Bus
E: Inspire Strikes Back Part 2

9.18.00- Black Mountain Music Hall- Black Mountain, NC
Set One: Frequency 1, Frequency 2, Frequency 3, Surreality, EB, Itzamana
Set Two: Evasive Man., Wika Chikana, Tap In, Regattae, Water Song, Time Within Evolving Living Vehicle Earth(TWELVE), Hubble,
Encore: Exodus (No Woman No Cry)

9.19.00- Black Mountain Music Hall- Black Mountain, NC
Set One: Dance, Inspire Strikes Back Part 2, Squares and Cubes*, G Funk E**, Bosso Profundo
Set Two: And Some are Angels, Moonsocket, Orbital, Down Tempo (otherwise formless), King Pharoh's Tomb%, Gobnugget, Drums, Kamuy,
Encore: EB

* Greg on Vocals
** Granola Funk Express on Vocals
% 1st time played

9.22.2000 - Ziggy's - Winston Salem, NC (Lake Trout Opened)
I: ISB1 > ISB2 > Orbital > Down Tempo > Tap In > Pharoh's Tomb > Angels
II: Surreality> Jam> Surreality/EB> Squares and Cubes> Frequency Funk> Moonsocket> Funk> Moonsocket Rep.
Encore: Hubble

9.23.00 - Tantra Music Festival - Charlotte, NC
Coming Soon

9.26.2000 - Higher Ground- Winooski, VT
I: Sleepwalker > Itzamana > Kamuy > Hubble > 12 > 12/P Funk Jam > 12
II: Water Song > WS Drum and Bass > WS > WS Funk Jazz Jam > Evasive >Evasive Jam > EB > Space > Bosso > Funk > Bosso Reprise
Notes: There were about 5-10 people at this show. Great improvs throughout the entire night with lots of Funk/Jazz thrown in.

9.27.00 - Pearl St. Downstairs - Northampton, MA
I: Monkey Music (25 min.)> Some are Angels> Mobsters> Surreality> EB, King Pharoh's Tomb
II: Wika Chikana(25 min.)> Orbital> Down Tempo> Frequency D&B> Frequency
Encore: Kamuy

9.29.00 - The Middle East - Cambridge, MA
Coming Soon

9.30.00 - Wetlands Preserve - New York, NY
Coming Soon

10.3.00 - The Crowbar - State College, PA
Coming Soon

10.4.00 - Beehive Theatre - Pittsburgh, PA
Coming Soon

10.5.00 - The Haunt - Ithaca, NY
Coming Soon

10.06.00- Buffalo, NY- Nietzsche s
I: Orbital > Down Tempo, Mobsters > Surreality > Evasive Maneuvers, King Pharaoh s Tomb
II: Water Song > What is Love?, Frequency 1, Wika Chikana, Tap In (different tempo intro) > Drums, Squares and Cubes > Frequency 2 & 3, Encore: Kamuy

10.7.00 - Milestones - Rochester, NY
ALL: 3 Chord D&B> Surreality> EB> Down Tempo> Kamuy> Hubble> Itzamana> Moonsocket*> Orbital> Monkey Music> ...some are Angels
* 1st 5 minutes are cut on the tape.

10.24.00 - San Juan Room - Durango, CO
I: Bosso Profundo > Tap In, King Pharoah's Tomb, ...And Some Are Angels, Freq 1 > Freq 2 > Freq 3, Hubble, Mobsters > Surreality > Eb > Otherwise Formless, What Is Love?

10.25.00 - The Starlight - Ft. Collins, CO
Coming Soon

10.26.00 - The Bluebird Theatre - Denver, CO
Coming Soon

10.27.00- Tulagi's- Boulder, CO (sold out)
I: 12 > Frequency 1 2 & 3, Water Song
II: Kamuy > Monkey Music, Inspire Strikes Back Part 1 > Part 2, Hubble, Wika Chikana, What is Love?

10.28.00- Tulagi's- Boulder, CO (sold out)
I: Mobster > Surreality > EB > Otherwise Formless, Dance, Squares and Cubes > 4 Year Puma
II: Itzamana, Evasive > New Drum and Bass (need a song title), Tap In > King Pharoh's Tomb > Bosso Profundo

10.30.00- Zebra- Bozeman, MT
I: Kamuy, Flock of Seagulls, Monkey Music, Hubble, T.W.E.L.V.E.
II: King Paroah's Tomb, Inspire Strikes Back, New D&B, Freq. D&B > Freq. Funk, ...And Some Are Angles > Obrital, 4 Year Puma

10.31.00- Wilma Theater- Missoula, MT (sold out)
I: DJ Music > Tap In > Moonsocket > Orbital, Down Tempo Song, Kamuy > New Drum and Bass
II: Costume Contest > DJ > What is Love, Surreality > EB > Evasive > Ispire Part 2

11.3.00- Starfish- Vancouver, BC, Canada Buy Listen
I: Evasive, Wika Chikana, EB > Down Tempo Song, Water Song, Monkey Music
II: Hubble, Dance/Ispire part 1&2 medley, Didj Jam, New Drum and Bass, 12

11.4.00- The Boot Pub- Whistler, BC, Canada
I: Mobster > Surreality > EB > Tap In > ... Angels, Kamuy
II: Moonsocket > Orbital > Down Tempo > Pharoh's Tomb > What is Love, Itzamana, Frequency 1 2 3, 4 Year Puma

11.7.00 - Paramount Theatre - Seattle, WA (opened for WSP)
I: Kamuy, Tap In, Hubble, Inspire Strikes Back

11.7.00 - Sit & Spin - Seattle, WA (after show party for Widespread)
one long set ...and Some are Angels, Evasive Maneuvers, EB, Otherwise Formless (Down Tempo), Wika Chikana, New Drum and Bass, What is Love > P Funk Jam > What is Love? (21:00), Water Song > Moonsocket

11.8.00 - Hult Center - Eugene, OR
Coming Soon

11.9.00 - Mt. Tabor Theater - Portland, OR
Coming Soon

11.10.00 - Wild Duck Brewery - Eugene, OR
Coming Soon

11.11.00 Cafe Tomo- Arcata, CA*
I: Improv > Untitled (Regattae) > Improv, P Funk > Drums > P Funk
II: Frequency Drum and Bass > Frequency Funk > Frequency p2 , New Song > Non Directional Beacon, Inspire Strikes Back Part 2
* Show without Hunter Brown due to very bad illness.
Saxton on Tables during second set.

11.13.00 - LaSalle's - Chico, CA
I: Water Song > Itzamana, Kamuy, Frequency p1* > Non Directional Beacon*
II: Wika Chikana > Bosso Profundo > Wika Chikana, ...And Some Are Angels, New Song
* ='s w/Brandi

11.15.00 - Club Fred - Fresno, CA
Coming Soon

11.16.00 - SLO Brewing - San Luis Obispo, CA
Coming Soon

11.17.00 Palookaville - Santa Cruz, CA
One Set: ... And Some Are Angels > Evasive Manuvers > SurReality > EB > Otherwise Formless > Wika Chikana > Bosso Profundo > Wika Chikana, Hubble > Tap In > What Is Love

11.18.00 Maritime Hall- San Francisco, CA
I: Itzamana, Time Within Evolving Living Vehicle Earth(T.W.E.L.V.E.), Frequency D&B > Non Directional Beacon, Monkey Music, Kamuy
II: Moonsocket, Eb, Water Song, King Pharoh's Tomb, Orbital > Down Tempo, 4 Year Puma, Frequency Funk

12.2.00 Fais Do-Do - Los Angeles, CA Listen
I: Frequency D&B > Non Directional Beacon > Wiki Chikana, Moonsocket > Orbital, What Is Love
II: And Some Are Angels, Evasive > Dub > Manuvers, Hubble

12.22.00 - Visulite Theatre - Charlotte, NC
Coming Soon

12.23.00 - The Roxy Theatre - Atlanta, GA
Coming Soon



As this band is in a constant state of evolution and experimentation some of the titles may have changed, and some songs may not even have official titles at all. These have tentative titles given by the band, crew, or fans and I have made every attempt to list and reference all such titles.

There are so many new songs and works in progress that I have started to list those without titles as New Song followed by some form of identifier, normally a two letter designation, so that when a title is given it will be that much easier for me to update this setlist archive.